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Instructor: Ken Fosty

This 2-for-1 class is an amazing deal, with the first half of the class devoted to tapping Manitoba maple syrup, and the second half focused on growing your own shiitake mushrooms! Ken Fosty is well-known for his insights on both of these topics.

Maple syrup component: The sap is flowing! Do you have a maple or birch tree on your property? Learn how to make your own sweet treat from local Manitoba maple and birch trees. Hands-on demonstration will include tree identification and selection, tapping the tree, boiling off the sap, bottling, storing the syrup, and how-to instructions. Taps will be available for $2.50 each payable to the instructor.

Mushroom component: Learn to grow specialty mushrooms in your backyard. Do you have access to oak branches? Learn how to 'plant' the mushroom spawn and grow your own shiitake mushrooms on oak logs. Hands-on demonstration will show how to inoculate the logs with mushroom spawn. You'll love growing your own specialty mushrooms backyard style. Mushroom Grow Kits will be available for $65 payable to the instructor.

HG2 - F19 - | $30.00 (includes GST)
Grant Park High School - Room 3
Mar. 16 | M | 6:30 PM - 8:15 PM


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Instructor: Louis Riel School Division Instructor

Kokedama are small houseplants growing in a moss covered ball. This thousand-year-old Japanese tradition is very trendy right now. They can sit on decorative trays, or hang from a hook, and are then called "string gardens". Although pricey in florist shops, you can make one yourself for just a fraction of that cost, and once you learn how, you can make more. Plant, materials and simple container ideas will be provided. Lab fee $12, payable to instructor at class.

Sorry this course is currently full
Please call 204-789-0435 or email lifelonglearning@wsd1.org to have your name put on a waiting list

HG3 - F19 - | $35.00 (includes GST)
Arts and Technology Centre, Louis Riel School Division - Room 103
Nov. 3 | S | 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM