Exercise is a tribute to the heart. - Gene Tunney


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Instructor: Kathryn McGuire

Linedance into spring! Line dancing has evolved from its 'country' days to offer a rich blend of urban sophistication with styles influenced by musical theatre, Latin rhythms and jazz dance. This course is a perfect combination of fun and fitness! No partner required.

Please Note:

Bring smooth-soled, non-marking shoes.

Sorry this course is currently full
Please call 204-789-0435 or email to have your name put on a waiting list

F4 - S19 - | $59.00 (includes GST)
Carpathia School - Small Gym
Apr. 4 - May. 9 | Th | 6:15 PM - 7:15 PM


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Instructor: Kristen Penner

A fun, challenging interval class using plyometric exercises where muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time combined with yoga postures for recovery. Some modifications and advancements will be offered to suit all fitness levels. A full body workout, including cardio and stretch, in 45 minutes!

Please Note:

Bring a yoga mat and running shoes.

F1 - S19 - | $45.00 (includes GST)
Rockwood School - Gym
Apr. 15 - May. 6 | M | 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM


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Instructor: Laura Desbiens

For fun and fitness join the Zumba® party! With a contagious blend of Latin and international rhythms and easy-to-follow choreography, you will experience a fun and effective workout. You will want to work out, love working out, and get hooked on Zumba® Fitness.

F2 - S19 - | $89.00 (includes GST)
Inkster School - Gym
Apr. 10 - Jun. 12 | W | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
(In Progress)


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Instructor: Annette Wolf

This yoga class is intended for beginners or individuals with injuries or other limitations and for every age and fitness level. The focus will be Yin and Restorative yoga practice which is a gentle, slow stretching practice and for the most part done lying on your back. All poses can be modified so that they are safe and effective for all. Breath work and meditation will be incorporated into the class to release stress and increase positive energy. No matter what level you're at all poses can be modified so that they are safe and effective for all. Please join us in sharing community and supporting each other through a yoga practice.

Please Note:

Please bring a yoga mat.

F3 - S19 - | $94.00 (includes GST)
Rockwood School - Gym
Apr. 9 - May. 16 | T/Th | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM