Urban Poling - CANCELLED

Urban Poling provides balance and the aerobic and strength building benefits of both walking and an upper body work-out. By adding poles, you can turn a walk into a full body workout using 90% of the body's muscles. Popular in Scandinavia for years, this form of Nordic walking can be performed by people of all ages. There are particular health benefits for those with osteoarthritis in the knees. Urban Poling can be done almost anywhere – sidewalks, parks, hiking trails and indoor tracks in both winter and summer. Peggy is a Certified Urban Poling Instructor who has avoided knee replacements because of Urban Poling.

Please Note

Bring your own poles or poles will be available for use and/or purchase on site.

Ways to register for this course:

Life Long Learning
Room 206, 1180 Notre Dame Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB.,
R3E 0P2 Canada

Course Title:
Urban Poling - CANCELLED - F 1 - S17
Start Date: Tuition:
October 10, 2017 $45.00 (includes GST)


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