Join us this spring for an evening of fun while developing a useful and delightful skillset on the dance floor! We'll cover two dances in this 12-week course, but work on only one dance in each six-week segment so that you can achieve a comprehensive understanding of each one. Emphasis will be placed on technique, posture and poise, lead and follow which apply to all your dances.

Please Note

Bring smooth-soled, non-marking shoes. Registration fee is $240/couple.

Ways to register for this course:

Life Long Learning
Room 206, 1180 Notre Dame Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB.,
R3E 0P2 Canada

Course Title:
FOXTROT & RUMBA - F5 - S18 -
Start Date: Tuition:
April 5, 2018 $240.00 (includes GST)


If you experience problems during registration, please send an e-mail to