Just in time for the Thanksgiving Weekend! Pies can provide you with a warm healthy dinner or a sweet dessert. A savoury pie often called a pot pie is a mixture of meat pie ingredients made in a pot, hence the name "pot pie". Pot pies are great for making and freezing for quick heartwarming dinners. We will prepare pot pies and look at the basic gravy and sauce making components of this dish. We will also discuss pie crust basics and look at the "how to" of making pies. We will create a sweet pie using both convenience products and from scratch. You will take home your homemade pies that you can freeze for later or enjoy for dinner and dessert. NOTE: This is a HANDS-ON class.

Please Note

Lab fee of $25 is payable to the instructor the evening of the class. Bring containers to take food home.

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ME OH MY, I LOVE PIE - C 2 - F17
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December 14, 2017 $35.00 (includes GST)


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