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Welcome to Life Long Learning - Continuing Education

It is always the right time to upgrade a skill, renew a special interest or a secret passion!

J & L Learning Services, in cooperation with the Winnipeg School Division, offers an exciting array of courses through Life Long Learning to whet your appetite for learning. Enrich your life by exploring new ideas to gain knowledge for personal or professional reasons.

Interested in taking something not offered- just let us know and we will strive to include the course the next time around.

 Your comments or suggestions are always welcome. Contact us at 204.789.0435 or e-mail lifelonglearning@wsd1.org.

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something. - Thomas Huxley

WANTED – INSTRUCTORS for Small Engine Repair;  Upholstery;  Painting; If you would like to offer a course through Life Long Learning we’d like to hear from you, call us at 204.789.0435 or e-mail: lifelonglearning@wsd1.org.